Aquatics FAQs

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Aquatics Director: Nikita Kirik


Phone: 978-667-2193 ex. 109


You can register online, over the phone, or come to The Boys and Girls Club. We have found that coming in to register in person is the most effective way to do so. Check the website for club hours.

You are free to withdraw from lessons before they start. Once lessons have started, there is a $20 cancelation fee, and the remaining amount of classes is credited to your account.

The general ages for our parent child classes are 6 months-3 years and for preschool 3-5 years old. Progressive lessons are longer lessons designed for kids 6-18. On the first day of classes children with unknown levels will be assessed and put into the most appropriate class. For advanced swimmers we also offer a clinic that practices multiple times a week.

General Questions

We start kids off in our swim lessons as early as 6 months. Please see our parent-child class schedule.

We will never have more than 5 students for 1 instructor. We will always either move kids around or add an extra instructor.

Since all of our classes are 40 or 30 minutes, we have perfected utilizing the time well. The instructor provides instruction to the whole class, and then lets each child try out the skill. While waiting for their turn, the students are able to watch their peers swim, which is a great teaching tool. Even if they’re not watching, they’re expanding their comfort level simply by being in the water.

There is no definite time in which your child will learn how to swim. It will depend on the child’s desire, attitude and confidence. All children are different and we need to let them learn at their own comfort level.

Missed a Class?

Don’t worry, we understand things come up! We do our best to offer 2 complimentary make-ups during the session. Schedule them with the pool office before the current session is over. Please note, while we do our best to offer 2 make-up lessons, they are not guaranteed.

If you get a doctor’s note, we can issue a credit for the class and you still get your two complimentary make ups.

No problem! As long as you call ahead to let us know you are not coming, you can reschedule that makeup!

Please note that we close anytime Billerica Public Schools close for snow. If the pool is closed due to snow or if we have to close for maintenance, a credit will automatically be given to your account. This credit does not expire, and can be used towards a future session. We are also able to issue a make-up, but you must talk to the pool office for that to happen.