March 16th: IMPORTANT NOTICE:  I will not have access to the contact information for late March/early April rentals until I can briefly enter the building on Wednesday the 18th.  In the meantime if you have an upcoming rental and have questions about refunds/rescheduling please contact me via the e-mail link on the left.


Did you know our Club is available for Gym, Pool, and Birthday Party Rentals?  To inquire about availability, please call our front desk @ 978-667-2193.  See the menu on the right for package options.


Please use the block on the left for more information about Birthday Party, Gym, and Pool rentals.


Please note:  All rentals must be booked in person with the full payment and a signed rental agreement.  We do not hold spots without the payment and paperwork.  To view or download the rental agreement, use the rental links block on the left.