Praise from our Full Day Families

“I am truly grateful for the support that the Boys & Girls Club has provided for my children and myself during these difficult times.  I one million percent could not have done this without you all and I will say it over and over and over!  The Boys & Girls Club has truly saved my life and my sanity, and my kids’ sanity and learning over the past school year, and I am forever grateful.  They have remained healthy, continued learning and socializing while staying safe, and they have taken so much away from the program…Thank you for everything your team has done to support my children.  It takes a village and you are certainly a part of mine!”  - M.R.


"I just wanted to share that I am extremely impressed with this past year and how the Boys & Girls Club has gone above and beyond for families.  Having my oldest in 1st grade this year, and seeing how much he loves going to the programs, and some of the things he tells us he has learned, has made all of this more than worth it.  It has given my family the ability to continue working throughout the pandemic, made hybrid learning easier on my son, and gave him the social interaction he desperately needed.  He is looking forward to summer camp and cannot stop talking about it!  I just want to say that our family is so appreciative of everything that has been put in place.  The communication is phenomenal and my son is a happy kid.  There’s not much more we can ask for given the current times!  A very big thank you to all of the staff and all of the time, effort, and funds that have been put into making all of this happen!” – K.S.


“I just wanted to thank you for having such a well-oiled machine to help my son through this school year.  He loved coming to your program!” – R.R


“Incredible job by the staff as we all learned and adapted together!” – J.H.


“I just want to start by saying that I am very thankful to you and your staff for everything you have done for my son.  Everyone has been so supportive, kind, and patient.  He has grown so much in the past few months, and has created a toolbox of strategies that I think he will forever carry with him.  I am grateful for all of you, and I can’t say thank you enough!  We are so grateful for this experience during one of the most difficult years.” – K.G.


“Thank you so much to all the staff!  I was thrilled to know my child had a place to go in this pandemic.  He LOVES it there and will truly miss it.  He will definitely be back for summer camp.  You all do an amazing job!” – K.S.


“I hope you know how much our family has appreciated the full day program at the Club for these past 7 months.  My daughter loved it there.  Thank you to your entire team for all that you have accomplished in such a short time and with so little.” - N.M.


“Thank you for all your staff has done to make the kids’ program work.  It certainly served my grandson well.” – J.B.


“I just want to reach out and say that my son absolutely loved attending the full day program with you.  I always praise the Boys & Girls Club for all you do for the kids.!”  - A.S.


“I just want to say that it is definitely bittersweet that the program is ending.  My son has been back to being a healthy, happy kid since he joined the program.  Please extend our sincere gratitude to your staff!” – A.K.


“Thank you!  The full day program was a life saver!  Thanks to your team for creating a great program!” – M.K.


“Thank you and all the staff for the opportunity to provide some normalcy to my child this year.  To all the kids, but especially the kindergarten and 1st graders.  They really have no idea what school should look like, and BGC offered them socialization and consistent scheduling, but most of all friends and fun.”  -M.D.


“Our son could have really struggled because it is so hard for him to be out of school.  The Makerspace was a special highlight of his days.  The Billerica community is SO fortunate to have the Club!!” – M.G.