Great Futures Preschool

We are proud to offer two preschool programs on-site at our Campbell Road location.   Our preschool facility was designed to create an engaging environment suited specifically to young learners. As part of our program, Preschool students also have access to our gymnasium and pool for recreational activities. Additionally, a wholesome snack and drink is provided each day.

Our program curriculum is based on the Department of Education's Preschool Learning Experiences and Preschool Curriculum Frameworks. 

Class Schedules

*Pre-K Program:
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
8:30AM to 1:00PM
*Open to children who plan to enroll in kindergarten the following year

Tuesdays & Thursdays
8:30AM to 1:00PM
**Children must be at least 3 years old by August 31st

Sample Schedule:

Great Future’s Detailed Daily Schedule
8:30a.m. - Arrivals and choice time
Children arrive and have the opportunity to explore the classroom and make a choice with special activities the teacher set out before arrival time.

9:15a.m. - Transition time
Clean up time, bathroom break; prepare ourselves for our Circle time.

9:20a.m. - Circle time
At circle time, we sing several songs, the good morning song, days of the week, and weather song.  We introduce our letter of the week, listen and dance to lively letters

9:40a.m. - Snack time
We take time to wash, use the bathroom, enjoy a snack provided by the program, and socialize.

9:55a.m. - Gym / music and movement
At this time we play in the gym or listen to children’s songs that we sing and dance to.

10:15a.m. - Activity time
The class listens to a story and then we split up into groups of four. While in our groups we rotate around the classroom visiting five stations that are planned ahead of time. Three of the activities are teacher directed including math, science, and literacy based lessons. Our other stations vary between sand and water tables, blocks, puzzles, felt boards, and manipulative.

11:00a.m. - Outside or gym time
 The class participates in a wide range of activities like tag games, duck-duck-goose, and free play with soft dodge balls.

11:30a.m. - Circle time and Departures for our 11:30 friends
(for extended day children)

11:40a.m. - Lunch time

12:05p.m. - Clean up, look at books, or listen to a story.

12:15p.m. - Teacher directed table top activities

The children can play board games, play dough, puzzles, open ended art, these activities vary each day.

12:50p.m. – Clean up and End of the day circle time

Preschool Staff

Ms. Sam, Ms. Melissa, & Ms. Brittni (Ext 115)


Assistant Director of Enrollment & Billing

Yeli Ruiz (Ext 103)